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“Non-public Blood Drift Where You Desire It To Shuffle… Your Brain, Your Heart and ALL Your Ingredients.”

“Mediate Faster, In actuality feel Tingly Pleasure,

Pumps Up Clitoral and Penile Erections.”

Keep Up To 25% When You Account for Susan Bratton’s Original Formula Now

Hello Sweetie,

Years in the making, I’m cheerful to develop to you an organic sexual toughen complement for ladies and men called FLOW.

As the relied on hot intercourse advisor to millions, I’ve studied what helps other folks dangle more gratifying bodily intimacy.

Of us privately bitch to me about their inability to fabricate or befriend a penile or clitoral erection, they ride diminished genital sensation and growing lack of orgasmic pleasure as they age.

They don’t wish to rob medication, they factual need intercourse that feels as apt because it did after they had been of their 20’s.

After I spotted how indispensable blood drift is to sexual pleasure I started studying what impacts circulation. That is when I found that our Nitric Oxide production diminishes as we age factual admire our hormone production.

Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator. It relaxes and dilates your blood vessels so blood can circulation more with out concerns and lift oxygen and nutrients out to the pointers of your fingers and toes, apt up into your brain, thru your heart and the entire kind down into your genitals.


Nitric Oxide might seemingly well serve toughen wholesome blood rigidity ranges, cardiovascular and heart health and can increase circulation and wholesome artery feature.

More blood drift to your genitals method the erectile tissue expands more with out concerns. This blood drift to the genitalia is known as tumescence or engorgement.

Engorgement works the identical in men as in ladies because ladies dangle as valuable erectile tissue inside our genitals as men fabricate. In females, the clitoral building and urethral sponge—additionally called the G-Predicament—is manufactured from the identical tissue because the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum in the male penis. We have the identical ingredients organized in every other case. All of us need apt blood drift to fabricate tumescence as we age.

Nitric Oxide relaxes the endothelium or gentle muscles for your veins, allowing the blood to float with out concerns at some point soon of your physique.


Supporting your Nitric Oxide production as you age will increase your physique’s ability to ship blood drift in each place in the attach you wish it, including to your genitals at some point soon of arousal.

Plus, more blood drift a ways more ground space for gratifying sensations for couples… and singles!


I found that L-Arginine and L-Citrulline work on the cGMP pathways for your physique to arrangement Nitric Oxide. Citrulline is found to be more life like at growing NO synthesis4.

Most arginine is made in China by fermenting corn in gargantuan tanks with explicit bacteria that remodel the corn sugar into arginine. Then they rob the arginine and add an enzyme response to create citrulline.


The distance with these lab-made chemicals isn’t that they are made in labs… hundreds wide things are made in labs. The distance is the PESTICIDES on the corn2 are chemicals that cease up in the white powders worn to create the entire bulk bags of arginine and citrulline you watch on the retailer shelves.


This is why I in point of fact dangle been working with a family-owned company in the United States of The us roam by a husband and wife factual admire Tim and me.

Of us that dangle deep ride growing excessive-quality ingredients.

Of us that care in regards to the cease product.

Of us that actively arrange their government certifications and self ample laboratory sorting out.

A firm roam by a pair who stand by the quality of their production.



L-Citrulline is known as after watermelon Citrullus vulgaris from which it changed into as soon as first remoted. Our dealer sourced organic watermelons and organic spinach and fermented these REAL FOODS in tanks particularly for the FLOW formulation.

You get the entire advantages of plant-basically based citrulline.

We then added Nutrition C from organic acerola cherries to develop the absorption of the citrulline.

We combined the fruits and greens with pinus pinaster from the maritime pine tree for its circulatory results. And to develop the sustained launch of your Nitric Oxide production.


In scientific trials, L-Citrulline has been worn safely and changed into as soon as neatly tolerated in kids and adults. L-Citrulline is regarded as safe per existing data and has been granted self-affirmed GRAS “Customarily Acknowledged As Come by” set by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration. Nonetheless, if you happen to dangle a scientific situation, are pregnant, lactating, attempting to conceive, below the age of 18, or taking medicines (especially blood rigidity medicines), consult your healthcare respectable before utilizing this complement.

Whenever you happen to’ve been following my advice for a protracted time or you are factual recent to my world, you will salvage that I stand for wholesome ingredients that create a right distinction.

This recent Nitric Oxide booster FLOW is factual the main of a assortment of sexual and health-linked dietary supplements we’re going to salvage a method to be bringing to you below this recent firm, The20.

Our recent payment, “The20” comes from the Pareto Theory. This is the 80/20 rule which states that 80% of your results approach from 20% of your efforts… Whenever you happen to factual knew which 20% changed into as soon as what worked!

Effectively, we fabricate know what works because we pay for the analysis data. Then we slither the extra mile to create excessive-quality ingredients for you, our chums and our families. And we set up the ingredients that work into our formulations. Attributable to our name is our recognition. Attributable to we need you to be assured you are getting the single source of ingredients that it’s probably you’ll seemingly well imagine for all-crucial Nitric Oxide production.



Attributable to this truth, if for any motive you are no longer 100% pleased with the funding you create in supporting your cardiovascular health with FLOW, simply return the unused portion inside 364 days of aquire. Our experienced customer care crew will space you a paunchy refund of your aquire stamp, less any shipping and handling charges.

“The organic citrulline and nitrates create FLOW the most life like preference for nitric oxide toughen.”

Dr. Robyn Benson, Founder of The Santa Fe Soul Middle for Optimal Wellness, Sexual Regenerative Treatment and Pure Esthetics Expert, GAINSWave Practitioner, O Shot and P Shot Supplier, Scientific Advisory Board The20, and Host of the Younger with Dr. Robyn Benson podcast

Six Month Provide

Accurate $22.46 Per Bottle

“Within A Couple Of Days I Seen It Suitable Off The Bat – Unattainable!”

“It’s In actuality Added To Our Intimate Pleasure.”

“I Admire Your Ingredients” “The Notion Of Supporting Circulation Sounded Broad To Me.”

“Chuffed Valuable other, Chuffed Existence!”



Learn suggests that supplementing with citrulline might seemingly well tempo up workout restoration because your sore muscles need wholesome blood circulation to repair themselves and develop. One leer found that taking citrulline before figuring out decreased muscle soreness by as much as 40%.


Hold two capsules day-to-day for an 850mg dosage. They’re the smallest dimension pill that it’s probably you’ll seemingly well imagine to fit the dosage which is a dimension 0. The capsules dangle minimal organic rice powder which retains the ingredients flowing on the production line. Watch that there might be rarely always a magnesium stearate in our formulation. The capsules are gelatin, therefore they’re no longer vegan or vegetarian.

As neatly as to the citrulline being fabricated from right organic meals, FLOW is gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and non-GMO.

We additionally exercise recyclable HDPE plastic bottles for sustainable and eco-pleasant packaging which is able to be reused and recycled, repeatedly. Recycling HDPE reduces the plastics in landfills and our oceans and reduces the volume of natural resources worn in producing virgin plastic merchandise. HDPE containers are the smarter and greener preference in direction of sustainability. Please recycle!



As neatly as to taking FLOW to enhance your blood drift, it’s probably you’ll seemingly well give a enhance to your physique’s circulation by leading a wholesome standard of living that contains the next:


Stress management.



Smoking discontinuance.

No fried meals.

Eating wholesome fats equivalent to organic avocado, nuts, seeds, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut and avocado oil, sustainable chilly-water fatty fish, and eggs.

No sugar.*

*In conserving with Harvard Men’s Health See article The Candy Risk of Sugar, “Over time, ingesting sugar can lead to a better accumulation of full, that might seemingly well turn out to be fatty liver disease, a contributor to diabetes, which raises your risk for heart disease. Ingesting too valuable added sugar can elevate blood rigidity and elevate chronic irritation, each of that are pathological pathways to heart disease.”¹⁰

Come by your blood flowing as soon as more with the main organic meals-derived Citrulline, supported by Nutrition C, pine bark extract on the present time. Keep this for your counter apt next to your multi-nutrition and mineral advanced so that you just rob it morning or evening and fabricate your physique a select.

Demonstrate: Whenever you happen to are in the in the meantime utilizing a vacuum erection instrument, rob FLOW Quarter-hour before pumping.

Six Month Provide

Accurate $22.46 Per Bottle

As continually, enable us to grab if you happen to dangle any questions. We’ve been supporting our possibilities and followers since 2006.

We’re enraged to get you in the FLOW.

From Drift To Afterglow, Susan, Tim, and the Team at The 20.

“Effectively now, I’ve been taking 2 caps of FLOW each morning for 6 weeks and only fair no longer too long up to now learn the advice to rob 2 before lovemaking…

OMG – my LoverBoy visited for a Sizzling Lunch on the present time and we had a 2 hour savor making dialog – oral each – seemingly 30 min BJ, deep penetration, plain teasing and squeezing on the doorway of my sacred temple … I had 7 orgasms (he changed into as soon as sooo proud of himself …) it changed into as soon as intense, relaxing, releasing and memorable.

P.S. He’s 58, I’m 74.

You might seemingly well dangle my permission to exercise this as a testimonial.”

— Donna xo

“FLOW works neatly. I’m feeling admire a teen as soon as more: spontaneous wooden, admire in line on the retailer fascinated in regards to the cashier :)”

— Steve



A: FLOW is for everyone at some point soon of the gender spectrum. Men, ladies, and non-binary humans all dangle the earnings of toughen of your cardiovascular machine.

A: Nitric Oxide production begins to drop at middle age. Someone over 40 is an ultimate candidate for supporting one’s nitric oxide pathways for cardiovascular blood drift.

A: There might be a scant quantity of organic rice flour that the manufacturer makes exercise of as a drift agent. Sure, white rice flour is a starch. It’s a ways gluten-free. The organic watermelon juice has some organic tapioca starch. It’s a ways gluten-free. There might be rarely always any wheat starch, no starch hydrolysate, and no MSG monosodium glutamate.

A: No. There might be rarely always any soy in this complement. There might be additionally no sugar, lactose, titanium dioxide, methacrylic copolymers, methyl or propyl parabens in FLOW.

A: Natural rice flour is the excipient, drift agent. There might be additionally a scant quantity of tapioca starch worn in the task to invent the citrulline from the organic watermelon juice. There might be rarely always any magnesium stearate, stearic acid or every other ingredients previous what’s acknowledged on the stamp. 100% of the ingredients are listed.

A: The knowing majority of our possibilities are no longer vegetarian. Vegetarian capsules are disturbing to source and would dangle delayed our product. We’re utilizing gelatin capsules as we notify.

A: 850 mg is the dose. Two capsules is the dose.

A: 60 capsules are in the bottle. This is ample for a 30-day provide unless you’re taking an extra dose before making savor or utilizing a vacuum erection instrument. If that is the case, aquire multiple bottles.

A: Sure. You might seemingly well rob two capsules each morning as your cardiovascular toughen. Then rob an extra 2 capsules before intimacy to develop genital vasodilation. You might seemingly well wish to notify more than a single months’ provide if you happen to will seemingly be utilizing FLOW as an intimacy pleasure booster.

A: The visible distinction might seemingly well very neatly be negligible. What it’s probably you’ll seemingly well also seemingly understand is a firmer, more troublesome erection. You might seemingly well additionally understand the veins for your penis standing up a minute bit more from the increased blood drift. Whenever you happen to admire to wish to develop your penis dimension, taking FLOW day-to-day to boot to taking an extra serving Quarter-hour before utilizing a vacuum erection instrument will elevate your overall penile volume. Here is my e book with proper instructions for reversing atrophy and for penile tissue expansion. Pump Files

A: Sure. FLOW is a a part of an overall libido self-care routine. An ultimate combination of frequent self-pleasuring while utilizing organic nut oil equivalent to candy almond or avocado oil for increased lubrication — while taking a day-to-day Nitric Oxide complement equivalent to FLOW — will toughen increased circulation to your genital machine. Attributable to the female genitals are made up of erectile tissue which needs blood drift for maximizing pleasure, FLOW is the correct basis for supporting a solid libido.

A: Sure. Hold this complement, FLOW. It’s a ways made to offer a enhance to erection quality by growing blood drift to the penis (and to a lady’s vulva so dangle your female companion rob FLOW too). Taking a Nitric Oxide complement is the absolute #1 ingredient it’s probably you’ll seemingly well fabricate to offer a enhance to your erection quality. Taking FLOW is the single Nitric Oxide complement because it’s made with right meals equivalent to organic watermelon, spinach and cherries.

A: Hold two capsules day-to-day each morning as your repairs arrangement. Then rob one more 2 capsules Quarter-hour before utilizing your vacuum erection instrument. This will increase blood drift in notify that the blood carrying ability of your genitals will increase. The pump helps elevate your blood provide and the FLOW supports vasodilation to get valuable more blood into your genitals. You might seemingly well need more than one bottle for a monthly provide if you happen to’re additionally taking FLOW before intercourse or before pumping.

A: Sure. Nitric Oxide is famous to toughen damage healing. Since CO2 lasers and RF outpatient intravaginal devices invent subcutaneous wounds of the vaginal mucosa to revive collagen and thicken the tissue of the vaginal canal, FLOW can toughen the healing of these procedures. FLOW is safe to exercise with the VFit+ instrument as neatly.

Global Potentialities: Import responsibilities, taxes, and costs are no longer included in the object stamp or shipping cost. If acceptable, these costs are the client’s accountability.

All data from Susan Bratton, The20, this net pages and all of our collective brands’ have not been evaluated by the Meals and Drug Administration and is rarely always supposed or implied to be a change for respectable scientific advice, prognosis or treatment and is for total data purposes only. Whenever you happen to are pregnant, nursing, taking treatment, or dangle a scientific situation, consult your doctor before utilizing our merchandise. We have individually vetted and receive affiliate commissions from many of the merchandise and programs we counsel.

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