Programs to Lend a hand Active Folk Eradicate Distress and Give a steal to Mobility

Programs to Lend a hand Active Folk Eradicate Distress and Give a steal to Mobility thumbnail

By Coach E

Which Course is Ultimate for You?

Whether you own got gotten power hassle that you have not been ready to repair no subject your handiest efforts or you are an athlete having a explore to provide a steal to your mobility to your sport, we rob pleasure in delivering efficient (i.e. 15-20 minute routines it is probably you’ll per chance additionally carry out at dwelling) and efficient programs to can enable you catch assist to and preserve doing the active things you want.

Effort-free 1-365 days money

assist thunder

To assist this up we now own got got you coated by our alternate main 1-365 days money-assist thunder*, so that you’ve got 1 tubby 365 days to back us to our guarantees and if we don’t preserve it or you’re unhappy for any a diffusion of goal, all you’ve got to carry out is e-mail us and likewise you’ll catch your a compensation, no questions asked.

* For Precision Stream Academy memberships, the refund length is 30 days.

The Handiest Program to Originate if You are Unusual to Precision Stream

Give a steal to dash and mobility now, quit hassle & wound later

The Foundation for Stream Longevity program addresses the 5 commonest subject-causing areas of the physique. Whereas this plot doesn’t address any dispute subject, it will wait on with many diverse hassle-substances from plantar fasciitis to chronically tight and painful neck muscle groups. It resets the physique’s dash and activation patterns to maximize the strength and steadiness of every and each joint. That it is probably you’ll fetch easy-to-follow routines that give you a correct sense of the Precision Stream manner and the way in which or now not it is a diffusion of than one thing you own got got tried within the past.

The Next Step After the Foundation for Stream Longevity

Procure Map-Prompt Distress Relief for Every Valuable Predicament of Your Physique

The Classic Precision Actions dives deep into the 8 key suggestions that Coach E and Dr. B point out most unceasingly to keep away with hassle, decrease place on and run, stabilize joints and provides a steal to mobility. Be aware-alongside videos details you through every strategy, teaching you dash skills that after discovered will make every declare you carry out less complicated at fixing dysfunctional dash patterns and building muscular persistence and strength.


Find “Distress Solution” and “Alter” series classes that snoop on dispute areas of the physique

Knee Distress Solution

Procure lasting knee hassle reduction by correcting root causes that end result in patellar tendonitis, meniscus tears, ACL hassle, osteoarthritis, and more. Fabricate resilience, quit place on and run, after which catch assist to actions hassle-free.

Low Help Distress Solution

Erase low assist hassle. Procure to the muse trigger, from sitting to herniated discs, nerve issues, and sciatica. Repair muscular imbalances. Then build resilience on your spine, preventing further wound and future place on and run.

Shoulder Distress Solution

Contend with the muse causes of issues admire shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears, AC joint dysfunction, scapular winging, serratus anterior dysfunction and more – for lasting reduction.

Hip Distress Solution

Repair the muse causes of issues admire stiff hips, muscle hassle (e.g. TFL, piriformis or iliopsoas), torn labrum, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, FAI, SI joint hassle or snapping hip, for lasting reduction.

Elbow Distress Solution

Eradicate hassle from golfers of tennis elbow, broken tendons and ligaments, bursitis, ulnar nerve issues, and more by remedying the muscular imbalances that end result in place on and run.

Neck Distress Solution

Restore mobility to a stiff neck. Ease muscle tension and hassle all in a safe, light way. Lasting reduction begins alongside with your hassle stage, eases it, and builds resilience to quit further wound in less than 2 hours per week.

TFL Distress Solution

Restoring moral goal to all muscle groups of the hip – now not correct the glutes – is the run to lasting reduction and the 2-segment TFL Distress Solution will carry out correct that.

Lower Limb Alter

If your feet and ankles are usually now not functioning successfully, this will pause up in compensation somewhere up the chain. Lower Limb Alter will restore moral foot, ankle and knee goal, making sure you are transferring with steadiness and management.

Zaire’s Story

This program modified my lifestyles! I became in constant hassle and didn’t realize how disagreeable I became. I had forward head posture, flexion dysfunction and became out of alignment with decrease physique disfunction.

I had been following Coach E’s suggestions for about a 365 days and had completed Hip Alter and Shoulder Alter, but that correct uncovered how disagreeable my spine became.

So I started Spine Alter within the acute hassle stage closing summer and own stepped forward to feeling better than as soon as I became in my 20s! The supreme piece is I quiet own a formulation to trek: I quiet cannot quite carry out a segmental sit down-up without a little bit elbow wait on, and I continue to truly feel noticeable development a week.

Almost every declare became straight precious, but the one who brought on basically the most trade in my goal is the T/L Spine CAR. It felt admire that strategy over the first few weeks “clunked” my spine into keep and triggered a kinesthetic consciousness that is expanding at some point soon of my physique.

I will’t stress how essential this has modified me: I will play with my sons entirely hassle-free, and our little special needs man is prospering because I will wait on him carry out all of the therapies he needs wait on with (which is a ton).

I’m so thankful for Coach E and the team, and I’m a Precision Stream devotee for lifestyles!”

– Zaire, Precision Stream Academy Pupil


While you are pondering being ready to trek freely and without hassle for the remainder of your lifestyles then you’ll are looking to follow your entire Alter series and mix the a diffusion of programs as wished.

That’s why I would per chance desire to ask you to be taught more about the Precision Stream Academy where you catch catch entry to to every program and route and further complementary remark material now not figured out in completely different locations to optimize your physique for hassle-free dash and mobility at a essential good deal.


I finished Hip Alter a pair of months ago. Overall, I’m satisfied with the results, I point out the positioning to a diffusion of folks as I consider it is precious. I loved lots the assessment piece, within the origin, it helped me lots to worship what things in my posture I had to correct.

Daniel L.

FOllowed Hip Alter

I had been experiencing hassle in my feet for heaps of years. Usually as soon as I rode my bike, my knees wound. I would per chance per chance now not steal my knee up and around to catch into my kayak. My legs in actuality feel lots stronger and my balance is more healthy. I will budge further, cycle without hassle and catch into my kayak.

Leona L. // Retired teacher, 70

followed Lower Limb Alter

I’m already ready to speed and bike again without shoulder hassle, though there could be a rare residual « lumpiness » especially as soon as I are trying to swim. I’m very satisfied with the event previously and I’ve started engaged on a diffusion of areas which want attention.

Kevin J // Biker

Adopted Shoulder Alter

I took spine management thanks to limiting low assist hassle on one aspect. The event of exercises became glorious for me. I had slack good deal of hassle till it became now not a subject. Previous to the route it had been low grade for decades.

Lynn B. // Wildland Fire fighter


I have been doing the TFL Program for 11 days now and this plot is working in actuality properly for me. I’m already seeing valuable results and it feels admire or now not it is benefiting more than correct the TFL. I will’t narrate how grateful I’m for new hope after nearly two years of hassle.

Jeanette C. // Yoga teacher


Absolute MAGIC since starting up alongside with your program, (even supposing I in actuality have not been doing routines religiously day after day). Particularly hassle eradicated, increased differ and enthusiasm/self belief to work to fuller capabilities. I carry out in actuality feel the variation in a essential way!!

Sheldon A. // Entrepreneur, 70


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