Turn Around Time - These will take 3-4 weeks on average to get built and shipped out to you, so please be patient! Each step takes a lot of time and there is a large waiting period between steps, due to the glue adhering, bondo laid, sanded a few days after, primer/paint dry times..... I'm sure you get the idea! 

52mm gauges are readily available but 60mm can be mounted for an additional $10 to any pod. 

Single Pod - $110 Shipped

Double Pod - $120 Shipped

Triple Pod - $140 Shipped

All Prices INCLUDE shipping 

Finished product Pics!

Color match comparison

Installed w/ gauges


Instructional Video : Hope this helps you safely install and un-install your pillars! Be careful, I can't stress to you enough how fragile they really are! 

*Never twist or bend the pillar, it WILL crack!

*Make sure the push pin from your factory pillar is NOT still installed behind the pillar... Trying to push the pod pillar onto the stock push pin will result in a cracked pod!!! 

2008 + WRX A-Pillar pod - Installation - YouTube

Sideair bag does not affect the a-pillar